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Welcome to Translations section. Here you will be able to find various translations of Mana-sama related stuff , like " Monologue theatre" journals, magazines.Since I am the only translator , it will be rather slow but i have help from my friend aswell. ^__^ If you find any mistakes in translation please tell us.

Rare Article that I aquired  in Tokyo.

On the other note, this article came from a magazine that is some sort of a tabloid, sometimes we cannot believe in tha kind of magazines. However i think it will help clear up some rumors that were going around the web.

I am really greatful to Lede from ~Scape~ forums for translating it for me.

Year 1998-1999.

Scanned and Purchased by me (Fallen Angel aka Alex)
Translated by Lede

here is a link to the article

Click Here to view the article

Official Doujinshi Translations.

Official Doujinshi Collection 1998 " Malice Mizer"

Scanned, edited and translated by me.

1998 official doujinshi collection " Malice Mizer"
Page 1

1998 official doujinshi collection " Malice Mizer"
Page 2

1998 official doujinshi collection " Malice Mizer"
Page 3


Moi dix Mois " Beyond the gate" lyrics translations

Raw Version




Translated Version








Monologue Theater Translations.

 March 24th 2006

We arrived back in japan safely.
We had a lot of things in this tour too. 
I had autograph session in Paris but, demo broke up.
it was hard to arrive at the destination place. 
LIVE in Germany was so fun because I had a birthday there. 
We will have a LIVE only May 2nd at SHIBUYA-AX.
Translated by my really good friend Kei. ^__^