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Moi dix mois Euro Tour 2005 Reports

Moi dix Mois Euro Tour 2005 Concert Reports

Ok , I have to correct something in my report because some of the things were inaccurate. I received an email from one of the fellow Mana-sama fans who corrected me. (since my friend doesnt know much about Mana-sama , she couldnt give much of the report ^^' i apologize...). My friend came back from Paris this Sunday the 3rd and brought some pix .

Ok , I have to correct something in my report because some of the things were inaccurate. I received an email from one of the fellow Mana-sama fans who corrected me. (since my friend doesnt know much about Mana-sama , she couldnt give much of the report ^^' i apologize...). My friend came back from Paris this Sunday the 3rd and brought some pix .

Ok , so here is the deal , I recently got an email from another M10M fan who went to the concert in Paris and she added corrections to previous reports and gave her permission to post them here. ( Thank you Lau-chan ^^)

So here they are:


Firstly, about the guy girl....people are lying if they say they didn't think it was teh band....ehe. Everybody around me were screaming "MOI DIX MOIS!" Like fools! (Me included) It's true that when the girls (they were definitley girls, because during the concert the one in the picture on your site was stood behind me against the bar on the raised part of the audience) I mean, we know M10M when we see them, right? I think mostly we cheered thinking it was the band arriving in the coach, but then realised and cheered anyway because the girls looked so awesome. " (quoted)

" has said that the band didn't want to play in Paris?! Geez....I don't think that's true at all. Juka was laughing at the end of the concert, and looked very flattered when people were calling his name. Mana-Sama's smile was repeatedley twitching, (and I know because he looked at me twice) " (quoted)

About the "Encore part" (below)

" Not true. The band left the stage, and two minutes or three minutes after we shouted M10M, they came back on and played the encore three songs.

no real pause between the "normal" songs and the curtain call
It wasn't a huge pause, like i said, two or three minutes. Also, M10M were on stage for quite a long time, I think they overran what they were supposed to have played for, and I beleive that's probably why Mana didn't come back out and bow. Also, the fans who went to Germany will tell you that the whole band didn't come back out there, just Mana, who let himself be cheered for for only about a couple of minutes and then went back off. Fans in Germany have also said how dissapointing the ending was there too. The ending in Paris, I wont lie, was pretty dissapointing, but what you have to remember here is that the band don't speak much french, so what really could they have said? Also, it was their first european tour, so....i guess they'll improve on it next time. " (quoted)

About audience being disrespectful :

" That's sooo not true, we were not at all. We were very respectful.

And actually, from where I was standing, at the front on the left hand side, the fans were very respectful and, although we were crazy, I think the band definitley enjoyed this. Also, Mana reached out with his hand to touch us and let us lean forward and touch his hand, which i dont think he would have done if he wasnt enjoying it. It seems they were surprised by how crazy we went, but not unhappy with it at all. Also, K and Juka spoke English and french to us and were smiling as they did so. So...really i think that accusation about the crowd being horrid and the band being upset is really unfounded, and a stupid comment to make really. Also, there were more people at the german concert because the hall was bigger, and also, it was not a sell out in germany, whereas it was in Paris, because the hall was much smaller. " (quoted)

About People who came there just because it was japanese:

" nobody there hated Mana-Sama, everybody, and I mean practically EVERYBODY was screaming his name with delight when he was near them, and thats why he was smiling. He looked at everybody who was yelling him, and his face kept twitching.

people went along with their friends because their friends didn't know any other M10M fans. In my case, my boyfriend came with me, who doesn't like M10M particularly, but certainly appreciates the music they make and thinks they're very talented even if their not his taste, and he joined in with the yelling and dix signs, too. " (quoted)

About number of people attended:

"... The concert hall was packed to the brim .

a lot of people travelled a long way to go to the concert, and may not have been able to make it at the last minute due to delays and things with traffic. I travelled from england and luckily my travelling went okay, but i know a lot of people who missed their trains and had to get busses to other cities to catch other trains, soo....the few people who couldn't make it didn't do so spitefully, i'm sure...i mean, why would they waste their own money liek that? " (quoted)

About overall:

"... It just seems a little mean to comment on the band and the fans liek that.....PLUS, i emailed mon amour afterwards when i got home to thank them for the concert and they told me that Moi Dix Mois were happy that the fans enjoyed it so much and that they'd hopefully be back in europe again very soon! " (quoted)

Anyways , concluding I would like to say that I was really happy to hear a comment like that , i had been upset that M10M didnthave fun in Paris.... but now feel so much better. Since i was unable to attend the concert i dont know anything that was going on (sadly) , otherwise i wouldve given a correct report... *sigh* WEll , i apologize if anything on my website hurt other people like it did to Lau-chan... *sumimasen *

I think every fan attending the concert had their own opinion on things that were happening. I am just providing the information that was given to me. if you have any corrections please let me know.I really appriciate people taking time and writing huge emails about the concert and their feelings towards the band , this way showing that they care and love M10M and Mana-sama. ^^

Sincerely yours ,

Webmistress of ~Enchanting Mana~

March 30 2005 updates!!

As you know Moi dix Mois had concerts in Germany and France in these couple of days. My friend (who as i mentioned before , is not big Mana-sama fan , for main reason she doesnt like effeminate guys who cross-dress... >_< she is the hugest Gackt fan...) anyways she called me yesterday from Paris to tell me shortly how the concert went. So i will tell you what she told me ( from the point of viewnon-Mana fan).

" IT WAS SO COOL!!" were the frist words i heard from her. She said that Mana-sama is so HOT! And she said that he doesnt look like a woman at all , that he looks like a very hot guy. She said that he looks better in real life then in pictures. She is a platinum member of his fanclub ( i made her join ^^' ) so she said that they let the members in first and they were checking their purses and pockets for cameras becuase as Mana-sama always says " No photos or MdM will leave the stage". My friend had to discard her camera but she took some pictures in side the place ( not during concert).

She said she ran to the very front , closer to the stage and she knew where Mana-sama always stands so she stood there. Later lots of people filled the concert hall. The lights went out and the concert began , she didnt tell me much about the concert itself , but she said that she was really close to Mana-sama and one time when he leaned on the speaker , playing Jeunefille , it seemed that he was leaning over her and his skirt-looking thing was right next to her so she topuched it while other fans were touching Mana-sama's boots... >_<' My friend also said that Mana-sama is insane in a childish way and that his make-up doesnt make him scary but makes his adorable . She said that at one time there was some kind of a fog-fan-blowing machine and it started working when he was right in front of it and his clothing and his hair were flowing and he looked like "GOD" . She also said that Jeunefille makes the most beautiful sounds that gave her goosebumps. ^^ She also mentioned that Mana-sama was sweating alot... ^^' Then I asked her about Juka because recently i have been hearing that he was as gorgeous as Gackt. So I asked her about that and thats what she told me " Are you kidding me??!! HE IS SO MUCH HOTTER THE GACKT!!!!" ( remember she is a die-hard Gackt fan). Then she said that in very front of the stage in the crowd there were some gothic people with blue roses in their hands and they were waving them and when Juka-kun was bowing they threw roses on stage and one rose hit Juka-kun in the head ( ^^') and the other landed next to Mana-sama's feet. She said that Juka looked alittle confused,,, (poor guy ^^')

Anyways the end of the concert was dissapointing to her becuase nothing special happened. They just bowed and left the stage and even after fans screamed "encore" and " moi dix mois" , they didnt come out.

(Also i forgot to mention I asked her to do something crazy during concert and she did , when Mana-sama just entered the stage and everyone went quiet , my friend screamed " Mana!!" in the silence and she said he looked at her . Everyone looked at her like she was insane. )

After the concert they were selling M10M stuff. She tried to buy everything possible... Since she is a platinum member she has a right to buy a special fanclub pendant for 23 euro. She said that the pendant looks really cool. That it has " Montamour" engraved on the back and on the front " midi;nette" , " moi dix mois" and something else i cannot recall... when she will come back from Paris , next week , i will take a picture of it and post it here. A platinum member can only get one pendant but i wanted one too. I asked my friend why couldnt she ask for two. She said that they had limited number of them and she also said that it was really sad that lots of fanclub members who booked tickets didnt come and tickets went to waste... ;_; It is really sad indeed...

Also i asked her to describe people who were at the concert , she told me that there were many different people but there are a few that she was fascinated with. She said that before the concert there was a GUY dressed exactly like Mana-sama and he was japanese and his face was exactly like Mana-sama's, she said they were like twins!!! Everyone else thought it was Mana-sama himself and they were screaming. She wanted to take a picture of him but it was so crowded that she could lift her arm. ( If there anyone who took a picture of him , can you please email it to me. ^^ I really wanna see for myslef if its true or not...

There were also really cute japanese girls dressed like gothic lolitas with curled hair with roses in the hair. She siad she tried to talk to them , asked them time... She told me that she wished i was there!!! I WISH I DID!!!!!!!

AT times like that i really feel sad about not being able to go... ;_; So i sent my best friend instead... ^^' I cant wait till she will be back , she siad she bought me some goodies from concert and i wanna see pictures aswell...!!!

Also if you wanna know more about the concert in Germany there is a REALLY good description of it here:

This is all from the report ofr now... when my friend comes back from Paris I will ask her to give more detailed overview...