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Reviews Page.
Here you can find all Mana-sama related reviews on new releases, such as CD's, DVD's and etc. Reviews are written from my point of view for the products I have bought.

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Dixanadu Limited Edition

September 1 2007

Not a real website update.I am getting my new glb soon so keep watching my website updates fro scans.

anyway i got my Dixanadu limited edition copy yesterday.
here is my review:
the games are really cute and fun, luckily they are bilingual so its easy for us english-speaking fans to play. XD
the songs instrumentals are amazing! yay! ^_^
the desktop goodies are great too!! my particular favourite is Matin mascot *^_^*

here are few pics:

the games:

Basically they are mini-games featuring Matin is the main character. You can choose Matin's appearance of either Black or White gowns.
1st game : Sethji's:Build the rail bridge!
there is an m10m island in the middle of the Dixanadu lake and you have to build a rail for Matin to get there. You are Seth and you have to decided how long it should be. if its too short then Matin is not gonna reach the island.
2nd game: Sugiyan's: Hide and Walk!
you are Matin and you are trying to avoid sugiya noticing you. Sugiya is walking around with his jack daniels bottle drunk and you are trying to hide behind the columns.
3rd game: K-taro's : Keep way on the lake!
Basically you have to move the road pieces that float on surface of lake in time for K to step on them otherwise K is gonna fall into the lake!
4th game: :Hacchaku's:Catch the noodle!
Matin is the chef (either in black uniform or white uniform) he pushes the bowl of noodles down the slide(with different speeds) and Hayato is down below teying to catch them!

the goodies:

Dixanadu clock: round with m10m sicng in the middle and butterfly that is flapping its wings. <3
Matin mascot: little matin with a sword in his hand and blood pooring off of the sword. The two bats are flying around him. Matin blinks, tilts his head, makes the "dix" sign with his hand, raises the bleeding sword up in the air, and rarely screams " DIX!" ( there is no sound btw, by screams i mean a big manga scream bubble)
Matin calendar: Matin holding a calendar and blinking.
All so cute!! <3

i hope this helped! ^_^