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Name : Mana
Date of Birth: March 19
Place of Birth: Hiroshima , Japan
Siblings: Younger sister
Other Relatives: Cousin, niece (Mi-chan), father, mother
Favourite Color : Blue and Black
Interesting facts: Has a fascination with numbers., Every week he buys Famitsu magazine

Short discussion on Numbers and their meanings. Edit Text

- Are 3 and 19 meaningful numbers to you?

Mana-sama:     1 and 9 make up "Dix" right? Then if you make 10 into, "1 plus 0" that makes 1. My number really feels like it ought to be 1! I always feel that I have to be number one all the time.

- It does say "The feeling of wanting to be number one is nearly an obsession." So to conclude, you are someone that "...has a distinctive goal and tries to be number one in that regard. You work hard to achieve this, and as a result all ends well for you." How's that?

Mana-sama:      Already that makes me happy. 1 and 0 are very important numbers for me. 1: To be always number one. 0: Symbolizes unlimited or root source. These are one my life themes. When I chose the name "Moi dix Moi" I wanted to go back to my root, and so with that in mind I put 10 in the middle. In that regard I think I do have a fascination with numbers. Also if you flip the number 3 to the left, it makes an M. So 3 is one of my other favorite numbers along with 1 and 0. It seems that they are my fate numbers.

- Whenever you name something it seems they are always included. That also leads to you being thorough doesn't it?

Mana-sama:  Does it? It does symbolize who I am though, so I am careful in how I name everything.

My birthday, March 19th really is my fate day and I consider it to be very profound. It may be interesting for the fans to explore aspects of their birthdays as a way to learn more about themselves. To search and explore is everything and something may very well be hidden there...


~My Research~
This section is about things that I have randomly discovered that might be related to Mana-sama.

1. Well you all know Mana-sama's official fanclub " mon amour" and Mana-sama's birth place Hiroshima... well accidently I stumbled over the fact that cna relate these two. According to my research  in 1984  there was a band called  ALCATRAZZ and they had a song called "Hiroshima Mon amour". A coincidence? maybe. who knows...
It is a really, how can i say, controversial song... but its in 80's style...
Then there is also a movie with the same title :

Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

In Alain Resnais's artistic adaptation of Margueurite Duras's HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR, a French actress working in Japan meets a Japanese architect with whom she has an affair. Their relationship consists largely of conversations about the bombing at Hiroshima, the horrors that he and his family endured, and her perception of it back home in occupied France. With a camera that operates sometimes like a slide show, other times like a space vessel--switching easily in and out of flashbacks and gently blending footage of both Japan and France--the story unfolds more like a collection of memories than a chronological narrative. Perhaps the most dramatic scene is the unforgettable opener: An impeccably beautiful close-up in black and white depicts lovers writhing first in the ash of bomb fallout, which is washed away by rain, then, as their skin dries, they begin to perspire from making love. She--the nameless female lead (Emmanuele Riva)--remembers everything of the war. But He--the nameless male lead (Eiji Okada)--challenges her to determine if what she remembers is real or just a projection. As with most Marquerite Duras novels, it's hard to determine exactly what happened and what didn't. HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR is truly like a poem, using the emotional words of Duras to propel Resnais's ultrapowerful images.


2. Meaning of " Dis"....
        Knowing Mana-sama's character , we can expect that everything he does has some kind of secret meaning behind it... And as Moi dix Mois was formed the first CD/album called " Dis Infernal" was released... I always was wondering what " Dis" stands for or.. maybe a secret meaning it has. Mana-sama is really interested in occult ( vampires, devils and all) so thats where i started looking. 
          Now to my research.
      Dante Alighieri's writing " The Divine Comedy" which consists of 3 parts: Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise),The first part, Inferno, is by far the most famous of the three, and is often published separately under the title Dante's Inferno.
          The Nine levels of Hell are introduced.

The sixth level of Hell is called The City of Dis.

      You approach Satan's wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.

    Secret Meaning? Maybe... this is just my research and my ideas. ^_^;(Updated April17 2006)


Famous People in Mana-sama's life.



Mylène Farmer
Mylène Farmer is a french artist who has Great songs/melodies and a very melancholic atmosphere. A big star in France, her music has started to make its way to the international charts, even though most of you out there probably haven't heard of her. But that just gives you the more reason to track down this CD and give it a listen. The hits on this album were "Désenchantée" and "Je T'Aime Mélancolie", so you might have heard her music after all. She's very French, delicate and extremely sensuel in both her music and music videos. All in all, great music to put on if you're in that special mood... or on a date maybe.

Mana-sama is a big fan of hers. He says that he would like to meet her and work together on music. ^_^

Johann Sebastian Bach(1685-1750)
Compared to most other major composers, Johann Sebastian Bach's life and career were confined to a very limited geographical space. Born and raised in Thuringia, he never went farther north than Hamburg and Lübeck, or farther south than Carlsbad.
Mana-sama's favourite german musician. ^_^ Mana-sama have listened to his music ever since he was little. Mana-sama's parents were and are music professors so he grew up listening to classical music. ^___^


Mana-sama's Talents ( besides music)





Mana-sama is an artist. In high school he was a member of art club and like sculpture but he is good at drawing too. ^_^

Mana-sama also likes drawing a little "chibi-chibi" figures. (above)

He is also a designer . He designed clothing for his band and even opened his own clothing store "Moi-meme-Moitie". He is also considered to be the founder of Gothic Lolita Fashion trend.


Mana-sama's food preferences.



 Mana-sama' favourite dish
 is Extremely spice Curry.


    Mana-sama also loves Yogurt.


Mana-sama's music Prefferences.





Band: Slayer
Album: Show no Mercy

Artist : J.S.Bach
Messe H-Moll BWV232
Magnificat      BWV243

Artist: J.S.Bach
 Konzerte fur 2 Cembali  BWV 1061/62
 Konzerte fur 3 Cembali   BWV  1063/64
 Konzerte fur 4 Cembali   BWV 1065

Band: Motley Crue
Album: Shout at the Devil
The very frist band which
inspired Mana-sama
to become a different
person during childhood.


Meaningful things that Mana-sama owns.



Vanquish v12

Vantage v8


Mana-sama owns an action figure set of Motley Crue.

Mana-sama owns the bass B.C.Rich  Black Widow .

In the intervie 1998 Mana-sama mentioned that he owns Aston Martin V8 (Vantage). Here is a picture of it. But now Aston Martin Released a new brand Vanquish V12 (a cool name dont you think). And the car itself is pretty nice , so Mana-sama might own it...

When Mana-sama was young he went on his first rock concert of Motlry Crue World Tour in 1984 which changed him alot. There he purchased their photobook but he lost it over the years and asked if any of fanclub members had it and could send it to him. It just happened that Me and my friend found it and with Mana-sama's agreement mailed it to him about a week ago. Here is the actual scan from the book we sent to him. And today i got the present back fom him.(picture below)


Mana-sama's Movie Preference.






Movie : Suspiria

Movie: Omen

Movie: Count Dracula

Moive:"The House By The Cemetary" - directed by the late, great Lucio Fulci.
Thank you Laney for help on this one.
Date 1981

In the Interview 1999 Mana-sama mentioned that he liked a Anime "Doraemon" and apperently he still likes it. Here are some pictures above. Mana-sama said : " That he is still a child inside".


Mana-sama's Jeune Fille Guitars + Other.

Jeune fille X Bronze

Jeune Fille X Gips ~Cross Ray~