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Moi dix Mois Dis Inferno Last Year Party V Report

Mana-sama concert report dec 26 2007

First of all… I want to say that to due to a series of unfortunate circumstances I and my friends arrived almost 10 minutes before the gates opened to the venue… ;__; however luckily being a Montamour member we got let in almost first.

As soon as I walked in I saw the crowd of people gathering in the first row, spreading across the concert hall. This time I wanted to be on Mana-sama’s side of the stage, however there was no space there so I ran for the only spot that was not occupied in the first row. It was close to the middle, but not as close as I was last time. Come on, first row is first row afterall. *^_^* Emily stood behind me, guarding my poor back from the pushing-fans invasion… shall I say we had out Titanic moment >_<;

Anyway, on my right I had a really strong Lolita girl in white dress ( who kept trying to push me back) and on the left I had a pretty gothic Lolita wearing all black and really pretty blue watch. The staff was running back and forth on stage, checking equipment and what not.

After an hour of waiting finally the lights dimmed…it said 7 15pm on my watch. K came out and announced Mana-sama and the members of the opening band…Everyone started cheering as the stage lit up and band members one by one came out. Mana-sama was wearing white torn up shirt that (I think… I am not sure) said “ Punk Not DEAD” ( I might be wrong I don’t remember that well) black pants and above-knee-high platform boots. His hair was extremely spiked somewhat reminded me of Matin and he was wearing a black spiked mask around his mouth and nose. As shown in my sketch below.

The band consisted on Mana-sama’s ex-classmates from way back when he was into punk rock and his cousin on the vocals. Mana-sama went toward the drums and sat down. Then the music started…oh it was really punk rock! And Mana-sama was moving so fast, hitting the drums with such un-Mana-sama-like strength… shall I say “ beating the crap out of the drum set” ? lol Anyway, the song was over and Mana-sama threw the drum sticks up in the air..I thought he would throw them toward the audience but he threw them behind instead… and I have not seen them since.

The curtain went down the projector light focused on the other small stage on my right. K was standing there wearing his announcer suit as he introduced Mana-sama and his punk rock band, he said something about the members being his classmates back then and his cousin on vocals…when they were about to leave , unexpectedly Mana-sama flicked us off O_O I laughed so hard… XD

Then after a pause, the curtains on main stage went up and Seth appeared along with some other people. Seth was wearing really sexy tight leather pants , a black jacket and a black silk shirt underneath and he was also wearing sunglasses for a few minutes, then he took them off and threw them into the crowd… >_<; luck people who caught them!!

Then Seth started singing and dancing an old song that everyone seemed familiar with. it’s a kind of song that has special movements during chorus, Seth asked us to repeat after him every time he sang chorus… we tried our best…>_<; we were all cramped in there and white dress Lolita kept elbowing me. >_<; Seth looked really sexy though! *__*

Then a short guy wearing athletic suit ran out and started dancing along with Seth… when the song finished him and Seth had a conversation… I really didn’t understand much but few parts were where they looked at each other and saw big difference in their style XD Seth was all cool and gothic with platform boots while other guy was hip-hop styled with a white scarf around his head and white sneakers. Then they laughed and Seth asked audience if we thought the other guy was cute, everybody said “ Kawaii!”

 Then Seth announced band members and the rest of the band came out…they were not visual kei, they reminded me of hip-hop mixed with punk rock…all casual…they did some head banging. I noticed there was a girl on the guitar, she was wearing jeans and green t-shirt… I still don’t know who those guys were…but I was confused O.O; Then they left the stage everyone cheered. The guy on the drums ( I think his name was Valentine or something) stayed and K came out on stage with a guitar colored neon green and yellow track jacket and black pants and boots. He played a punk rock song and everyone head banged and cheered.. I enjoyed it too, however I wished K would sing a ballad again, like last time.

Anyway, the curtain closed and again the light focused on small stage. Seth stood there with Sugiya, they talked about something that I couldn’t really comprehend…anyway then they said “ Special documentary of Euro tour 2007” and Sugiya pressed few keys on the laptop and slideshow began. Seth and Sugiya commented on each slide a video. Of course pictures from the airport were first, all band members there backs turned to the camera, but you can still tell who was who. Mana-sama was wearing a black hat and carrying a suitcase in his right hand. Then they showed Mana-sama in different silly poses at the airport, something like “ I conquered the world!”-pose XD really funny… everyone screamed “ Kawaii!!” and me too lol Then they showed some photos that Mana-sama took during flight. Then they showed Mana-sama at the hotel lobby ( I assume) he had his hair down and black hat on with blue scarf and black jacket and every time he walked by the camera he showed “ V” sign and Seth did sound effects. every time Mana-sama showed “ V” to the camera Seth said “ V desu” .. and that happened at least 5 or 6 times XD Mana goes one way “ V desu!” then comes back, “ V desu!” then steps forward “ V desu!” then steps backward “ V desu” then turnes around and looks at camera “ V desu! “ XD hilarious.

Then they showed few videos, like the way the band was walking across the streets in their causal attires. Cute! Then they showed few funny photo sequences : “ Mana-sama in white concert gown sitting in the middle of the forest gazing into nothingness” then next slide “ K’s head pops up from behind the nearby tree” next slide: “ Mana-sama turns his head towards the tree where K’s head popped up from” XD hilarious!

Then another one where Mana-sama is sitting on the bench wearing his white concert gown, starring at the beautiful scenery, next slide” Hayato, Seth and K pop out behind the bench on which Mana-sama is sitting” XD I died laughing!

Then they showed funny video of Mana-sama with a fuzzy-fluffy pen-like thing. The camera is directed and Mana-sama who is playfully waving the fluffy pen in front of him and towards the camera…elegant yet playful cute! Then the camera switches to K who is holding the same pen but he is squeezing the breath out of it and head banging XD lol

Then they showed few photos of K with the dog. After they showed a video of Mana-sama in the sunny meadow wearing his white concert outfit. He looks like he is taking a light walk through the meadow kind of skipping through the grass when suddenly Seth starts running from the camera towards Mana-sama, then the picture quality becomes pixilated but we can still see other members, one by one, running from camera towards Mana-sama XD crazy!

Then, the funniest video ever ( in my opinion) Mana-sama is sitting in his dressing room in front of the mirror and showing “ dix!” signs with half smile on his face then the camera zooms out from Mana-sama’s reflection and we can see he is sitting in the chair in front of the mirror as K is brushing his hair, then camera focuses on K who makes the funniest face ever, kind of like a snarl as of he is saying “ See what he is making me do??!!!” Hahanah I died lol I gotta draw this part. Later perhaps. ^_^;

Anyway, the video announcement finished. Seth and Sugiya left the small stage.

Then the main curtain lifted up and intro sounding like dispell bound resonated through the air… the audience anticipated Moi dix mois! However something weird happened. The staff brought in a fake door to the right side of the stage ( from my view point) and I noticed the door said “ Mix speaker”…not Moi dix mois… hmm… Mana-sama where are you? Thought went through my mind.

Anyway, one by one members of Mix speaker's Inc went out on stage, let me tell you they looked creepy! >_<; Aya ( PLC) was one of them, he was wearing weird pink-torn outfit and flying v guitar and he had a weird skeleton mask on part of his face ( Aya-kun why? You have such pretty face why hide it?) anyway, the Seek (PLC) marched on stage he was the creepiest as always, he was dressed like a tree monster, he was wearing really high boots (I don’t know maybe 2-3 feet ), his face was completely covered with mask which had long nose and decaying look of flesh, he was alse wearing a bleeding ribcage with bones and all and also it looked like his guts were falling out… creepy…then a really cute demon/devil guy came out…he was wearing all blue and leather shorts with blue leopard leggings; half of his face was a skull and his eyes were blood red ( during live he was so energetic jumping all over the place!) then ugly thing came out… I don’t know what it was but it looked like it came out of Silent hill >_<; it kinda looked like a rabbit…

Here is a visual of the band.

Then the two guys came out… in my head I called them “Twins”, cause they were same height and had same energy but one was wearing all white and another one was wearing all black. They played a song, which was ok… I guess…but I was too busy watching the “twins” dance, they danced all the time…it was crazy O_O then they stopped. The lights on stage went dim except form one projector light in which stood two microphones ( on one microphone there was a chicken looking hand toy and on the other microphone was the penguin looking toy) . Suddenly the voice over resounded though the venue, it was as if two dolls were talking. I didn’t understand somethings but the ones I understood were funny for example:

“ This is Mana-sama’s place “ - said penguin toy.

“ Who is Mana-sama? “ - asked white chicken toy.

“ You don’t know who Mana-sama is??!!” - the penguin toy said.

“ No, who is Mana-sama?” - white toy repeated.

“ Mana-sama is the ruler of the gothic Lolita and aristocrat world!” - the penguin toy said.

“ Oh… Mana-sama is beautiful woman..” - the white toy said.

“ No no no ! Mana-sama is a man! “ - the penguin toy said.

XD It was really funny, then they continued to praise Mana-sama and what he has done.

Then they sang few more songs, they danced and sang, Aya came really close to us one time. It was great!

Then when they were leaving Seek put his long twig branches right on top of our heads, I was freaked out for a second there ^_^;

Then they left the stage and the curtain went down. After a few minuted we heard dispell bound…for real! Seth came out along with the whole Moi dix Mois and Mana-sama in white concert gown. Seth directed us to do the “ dix” ceremonial dance. We did our best. ^_^; I could bearly see Mana-sama he was waayyy on the right side. During dispell bound however Mana-sama did come to our ( left) side of the stage and sat down with his guitar towards us… he was so close… I could’ve touched guitar but I didn’t ( I was scared to mess it up…waahhh my arms were so long lol)… He saw that I was trying not to touch it on purpose,he kind nodded for a second. Oh I hoped he would touch our hands like he did last year… ah but he never did… *sigh* They then played Angelica , Dixanadu and a new song… I don’t know what it was but it had a mix of unmoved and dixanadu intertwined. Then the played few old songs, like La dix croix, then they played unmoved ( god I love that song) , Exclude and etc… maybe 7 songs total… Mana-sama barely even came to our side… throughout the whole Moi dix mois concert he probably went to our side 5 times…wahhh Mana-sama… ;__; However I did see a whole bunch of K lol

Then one by one each member left the stage, Mana-sama being last. He bowed as usual and left. Everyone was screaming “ Encore! Encore!” then suddenly the lights came on and Xmas song was playing. K came out, so did Hayato and other musicians then K said: “ I introduce Mana-sa… Mana- Santa!” and the funniest thing came out from backstage. It was a big cart on wheels with a raw cardboard shaped sleigh with designs drawn on by pencil surrounding it. On the Cart stood Mana-sama wearing his favorite chanchanko ( first mentioned in Ma Cherie volume 2 1992) , a black santa hat and a blue bag with presents on his back and waved his hand. Here is the outfit his was wearing..the print on the chanchanko was different though ( i only recreated the colors)

Pulling the cart was Seth wearing reindeer horns XD by the time the cart reached the middle of stage, it fell apart lol and Mana-sama HAD TO get off of it lol Seth did the funniest reindeer poses ever! Then Mana-sama opened his bag of presents which contained blue autographed balls which he threw at the audience and of course I didn’t catch anything… >_<; The other musicians were throwing stuff to the audience too but no one threw in my direction or so I thought ( apparently Emily told me that someone threw that blue ball right into her head then bounced off into someone else’s hands and Kei said he caught one of the balls with his foot but somebody crawled down and stole it XD

Then Mana-sama cousin saw that we were sad, all the gifts were gone so he tried to cheer us up and threw some paper pellets ( sakura blossoms/snowflakes) at us… I caught a few and smiled at him. Then the biggest regret of my life happened… Hayato threw his fan with stuff written all over it right at me. I caught it but then the white dress Lolita saw that I was hanging on to it and she put her hand right on top of mine and started pulling towards herself and I towards me. Then I said “ chotto matte” and asked her to play rock-scissors-paper for it. We played 5 times and matched then she cheated I played paper then few seconds later she put scissors…she cheated and pulled on the fan and took it away from me… ;__; bad Lolita!!!

So I ended up with nothing. Emily saw I was upset, when suddenly big white balloon flew and hit me on the head ;__; then Mana-sama and everybody else left stage and said goodbye…so only staff was left. One of staff members popped that big balloon right in front of my face… it was horrible, the smell was ewwwwwwwwwww then Emily said “ Alex do you want that popped balloon? “ cause I will ask staff for it” and I was like..hmm what am I gonna go with big piece of white rubber ? I said “ fine. I will take anything I can get” but by that time that balloon disappeared. O.O

I didn’t catch anything during concert however I did something that made me happy… I told only few people about that. So if I didn’t tell you, it means its not important.

Anyway, while Emily went to get me drink, I ran for the good stand ( because I couldn’t buy anything b4 concert) anyway, I bought few things below.

I including the shirt for my friend Sonya, she is so nice, and she didn’t get a chance to buy Moi dix mois shirt during Paris concert, so I think she well deserves this shirt. ^__^

I met Elina at the concert again and few other nice girls. ^_^ I took some photos after concert. Here you go. ^_^