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In Order to keep my site working I signed up for paid services with paypal. I rely on your benevolence to help me continue to spread the love for  Mana-sama  for fans. Any amount of donation will be fine. Thank you .
I use paypal because it is safe and fast.Click on the button on the left to donate.

Recent website updates

February 21 2008!

Few updates.I am working on new layout.
also, I scanned my Fool's Mate March 2008 magazine
1. Added 3 scans to Mana-sama Images -> Magazines-> page 6 Enjoy!

February 2 2008 Updates!

1. Added Amazing elegant fanart by Immortal Angel and Monologue_de_Chi. You can can view them in FanArt Section of this website.
2. Added few cosplay photos by Fallen Angel . You can find them in Cosplay Section of this website.
3. I have finished working on my new doujinshi, I will post it as soon as I am done editing it.
4. As you know Moi dix mois DVD was realeased Jan 30 2008. I have received my copy however I am really busy right now, but as soon as I will have time I will write a review about it. But anyway, you should purchase this DVD! ^__^